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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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we have more straight ahead. a rash of violence in oakland we will tell you what we know happened over the last 24 hours and the search for suspects this morning. san francisco ross mirkarimi is due back in court this morning. we'll tell you what he's asking a judge for. important news about unemployment in just 30 minutes plus the plan the president is unvailing to put one group of people back to w. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, to you. welcome to friday, it's february 3rd i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. steve paulson is here with a lack at the weather. how does it look? >> it looks a little chilly in the morning here. if you are flying out to denver, chances are you will not get there.
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we have -- they have a lot of snow there. we don't. we'll end up with mostly sunny weather. not warm as yesterday. we'll have 50s and 60s. rather strong northeast wind in the higher elevations. here is sal. steve, good morning. highway 4 traffic looking good if you are driving on the commute to the willow pass grade. also the morning started early with highway patrol clearing a roll over accident on the bay bridge. happened this morning while a white car hit a disabled suv on the incline section of the bridge. in the san francisco on the upper deck. flipping the suv on its side. ambulance took two people to the hospital. you can see that we had pictures of our crew actually arriving and got pictures of this just before they cleared it. now all the lanes have been reopened. let's go back to the desk. in overnight news oakland police continue to investigate several shootings in the past
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24 hours. two of them were fatal. one happened in broad daylight. claudine wong is at the oakland police department with details on the investigation. >> reporter: the violence started early yesterday morning and this morning more than 24 hours later we know investigators are still inside trying to get to the bottom of all these cases and trying to figure out who is responsible for shootings. two people dead. two to three others injured and suspects still at large. we want to show you a map where all of these took place. these are ten miles away from each other. it all started just before 3:00 yesterday morning with a shooting on 25th avenue and east tenth. police told me the victim was extremely lucky and only suffered minor injuries. but that was just the beginning of the violence. seven hours later in broad daylight just before 10:00 this was on 9th and d street. this was a drive by shooting and an adult male was killed after a car with three males
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and one female drove by and opened fire. we are also told another victim was hurt but we have no idea on his condition. then about 6:15 last night another drive by more shots fired. this time on the 1200 block of 72nd avenue when an adult male was shot by two adults driving by. he was survived by that shooting. police told ktvu he was shot in the smack. at last word he was in stable condition. then on the 800 block on 26th street. that victim was shot multiple times after a hail of bullet there is. so in each case some clues about who is behind them but we don't have any official suspect descriptions for now. live here in oakland claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. a large illegal indoor marijuana growing operation has been found in san mateo county. more than 1500 marijuana plants were seized at a warehouse in
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half-moon bay. they have a street value of $1.2 million. also seized 19 pounds of processed marijuana worth more than $60,000 and several guns. police made one arrest at the warehouse. he is released on $16,000 bail. san francisco sheriff ross mitigating circumstance row moe goes -- mirkarimi goes back to court at 9:00 this morning he is asks the judge for visitation rights to see his son. tara moriarty has the details. >> reporter: we are leer at the superior court. this is where mirkarimi's last court appearance was. today he will be appealing to the family court which is located at the civic center courthouse. he will be seeking visitation rights so he can see his son. this is something the superior court judge urged him to do last week when he was seeking to lift the stay away order. the judge turned it down and the sheriff then called the
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ruling quote disproportionately cruel. it will be interesting to see how things play out today. since they arrested mirkarimi he has not been able to contact his wife or two-year-old child. the sheriff is fighting three misdemeanor charges, nest violence battery, child endangerment, and persuading a witness. he grabbed his wife hard enough to bruise her arm. he will appear at 9:00 this morning february 22nd is the pretrial hearing. real trial will begin two days later. coming up we'll tell you what we have learned from a former prosecutor about his chances of winning his trial. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:05. it is finally sentencing day for a man that was on the run more than 40 years. he was originally scheduled to be sentenced in 1969 for his
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role in a shootout with south san francisco police but he escaped bail and -- but he skipped bail and escaped to minnesota. now he faces a possible 15 year prison term. later this morning a young fairfield mother tied to a horrible tragedy two years ago will go before a judge and ask for a new trial. 25-year-old shitara james was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. investigators say james and her sister left their children alone for 30 minutes before that fire started. james faces a possible 20-year prison term. today in court her lawyer will reveal why he's asking for a new trial. at 5:30 this morning we will find out the unemployment numbers for january. most economists expect the unemployment rate to remain unchanged at 8.5%. ahead of that report at 5:15 we
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will tell you about the new plan president obama will announce this morning to get more veterans back to work. a concord hotel has new owners that are promising a fresh new start. last year the red lion hotel closed its doors without notice. that left guests stranded without rooms and dozens of hotel works without jobs. a new group purchased the hotel for $5 million. they hope to reopen in three or four months after major improvements. a group that opposes the plans to run out koyte tower. the city is considered renting out the top level of the landmark for private events. some people that live near coit tower are fighting that. they want to be a limit that would limit commercial activities and private events. they want money for admission
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fees to be spent on maintaining coit tower. the examiner reports a new digital sensor has been added to the west sidewalk which is temporarily closed right now. a new digital sensor will be added to the east sidewalk. bridge officials say the sensors are not part of any plan to introduce a speed limit. 5:07. i know we had a mess on the bay watching everything else. how are we looking? >> we got lucky. i will tell you why. the crash was out there. it would have been out there even now it would be a different thing all together. it was out there in the 4:00 hour. they get out there and cleared it up. the traffic speeds were not really slow enough to cause major problems. the highway patrol was clearing a crash here in hay ward overnight. this is a crash where a roll over happened on d street on third street around 2:00 this morning. a driver told us she was tired and may have dozed off.
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police say alcohol was not a factor in this crash. certainly does look dramatic in this video. this is a look at the east shore freeway. the traffic here looks okay heading out to the mccarthur maze with no major issues. it's also looking good in richmond. if you are looking at the bay bridge incline we mentioned that crash we had on the bridge and they cleared it up just after 5:00 this morning. our reporter christien kafton was there and he was there as they cleared it. this morning in the south bay we are off to a decent start. getting up to highway 17 you have noticed in all of these pictures it's dry and clear. we saw that yesterday and then san jose socked in about 7:00. thank you. a little chillier this morning. taking your dog out you notice it. a few high clouds and patchy fog. you can see there is a lot of cloud cover out there. it's just really weak. but it will spin in a few high clouds as we head into sunday. i think overall we will be
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looking far mostly sunny day and weekend. 32 at fairfield. 34 at napa. 35 concord and 38 livermore. i'm sure i haven't looked yet but i will. palo alto has to be in there. lost gases to i would think. san jose is already 41. there is really cool readings here. the wind in the higher elevations is northeast. yet at the surface sfo says west. it was west last hour at fairfield. so a little fight between an on shore and offshore. it's definitely offshore in the higher elevations. you can see how the thin rope just getting chewed up by high pressure. coming underneath this a lot of high energy. but we are okay dry. the storm track stays north until tuesday. believe it or not looking good for rain. mostly sunny today. a few high clouds. i think some of the lows are a sign of things to come for the
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next couple of days. 50s and 60s. it will not be 72 in santa rosa. 50s and 60s really didn't change much. about 63-65. 66 around morgan hill to gilroy. days will be fine. increasing clouds on monday. >> thank you, steve. a new effort to save a bay area marina. the new reason this could be a final attempt to keep the boats in the water. why republicans are furious about obama administration plans for taliban prisoners at guantanamo bay. westbound traffic looks good going up to the tunnel. they say that with great power comes great responsibility.
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♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ welcome back now. republicans are protesting a plan being considered by the white house to transfer five taliban prisoners prisoners from guantanamo bay. they questioned david petraeus about the plan. the idea is to transfer the prisoners to a third country in an incentive to bring the taliban in peace talks. the white house says no final decision has been made just yet. secretary of defense leon panetta is concerned that israel may launch an attack against the iran's nuclear sites as early as this spring. the israeli defense minister
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said time is running out for stopping iran's nuclear ambitions. today in iran iran's supreme leader said iran all help any national group that confronts israel. he called israel a kansas tear will be cut. a new report on the nation's unemployment rate is due out this morning. just about 15 minutes we will find out how many new jobs the economy has created. ktvu carroll han joins us. >> reporter: pam, we are expecting the government to announce another solid month of hiring. one of the most promising signs for the job market. less layoff activity. the number of filings for unemployment benefits has declined steadily over the last three months. this morning president obama will unvailing a new program to get more veterans back to work by rebuilding trails, roads, and recreational facilities. the president also wants more grant money for communities that hire veterans to work as police or fight fears.
5:16 am
he spoke about needing to do more for our returning troops during the national prayer breakfast. >> a lot of those men and women that we celebrate on veterans day and memorial day come back and find when it comes to finding a job or getting the kind of care they need we're not always there the way we need to be. >> reporter: the unemployment rate for post 9/11 veterans is 13% verses 8% for nonveterans. the latest job numbers will be out in about 15 minutes. live in washington, carol han. it could be the final attempt to save the marina in martinez. city leaders plan to spend $1 million to clean awaylayers of mud clogging the entrance. they spent the past six years trying to transfer the marina. they have little to show for it. boats are still sitting in the mud at low tide despite previous drudging efforts. city leaders may be running out
5:17 am
of patience. still no sign this morning of a 100 people missing in nu begin knee where a ferry boat sank. rescue crews were able to save 200 people. officials admit it's possible those passengers are trapped in the ferry boat at the bottom of the water. new information about the captain of that cruise ship that flipped over on the italian coast. a woman came forward and admitted she is having an affair with the captain and is in love with him. the woman also says she was onth costa concordia's bridge with him when the ship catched into annie lapped wreath. he remains under house arrest for charges related to that cruise ship disaster. a marine biologist has been released without bail. nan say black is charged with
5:18 am
violating the marine mammal protection act by feeding killer whales in the bay. she is also accused of altering a video tape requested as evidence and lying to authorities about it. now she denies feeding the whales and says the investigation and charge have hurt her research. she will be back in court later this month. in november californians could vote on two plans to spend billions of dollars to restore the sacramento delta. a new poll shows one serious problem. 78% of the voters asked don't know what delta is or say they have never heard of it. but more than half the people asked say they would vote yes on an $11 billion bond measure to restore the delta. just for the record 24 million californians get their water from the delta. >> wow. okay. time now 5:18. sal is back. how is the 880 doing? >> i'm glad you asked. it's doing very well. this morning. though we watch it because it's
5:19 am
a major freeway and if something goes wrong it obviously wouldn't be good. you can see on 880 northbound which is on the right heading to downtown it looks goo. it also looks good on southbound 880 on the left. which is the traffic heading to hayward. this mornings commute on westbound bay bridge we dodged a bullet. we had an early injury crash. some people had to be take ton the will hospital any way. two lanes were blocked and now the lanes are open and traffic is flowing smoothly into san francisco. we're also looking at vallejo and pinole that traffic is off to a good start. let's go to steve. thank you, kindly sal. looking good. a little chill in the morning air. the days are already. temperatures a little bit of patchy fog too. some of that dancing around a little bit. the wind up in the higher elevations northeast 30-35. but at the surface not that
5:20 am
bad. mostly sunny today. we have a few high clouds and patchy fog. 32. napa is 34. santa rosa says fog and 35. and concord and buchanan in there. and i've seen some upper 30s i was just looking fair fax, san rafael now 36-38. and wood side is 38. and there is a 39 close to redwood city. now the least wind out of vacaville. look at sfo east at 13. there is a fight there trying to get out toward the delta. high pressure still winds out. it will be mostly sunny. we just keep the storm track to the north. at least until tuesday. and then things are showing signs of rain. mostly sunny today. patchy fog. some of that though yesterday formed after about 7:00. so between 7:00 and 9:00 seems to be the time when the fog wants to form. there is some out there now.
5:21 am
the weekend looks fine. fog, nights and mornings. 60s on your temps or upper 50s. it won't be as warm as yesterday in santa rosa when it was 62. 50s and 60s. i didn't change much there. weekend nights and mornings a hit cool. the days will be nice and mild. increasing clouds on monday. rain on tuesday. it seems investors are optimistics about the jobs report that comes out in the next few minutes. right now most of the european markets are edging higher. overnight the markets in the northeast were less optimistic as benchmarks in japan, south korea and japan all lost ground. china registered small gains. those markets are seeing some consolidation in the property sector. checking in on wall street our futures point to a slightly higher opening across the board for the dow, nasdaq, and s & p.
5:22 am
a little bit of a mixed picture as you can see yesterday. the dow starts today at 12,7o5. federal lawmakers are not happy about hue google answered questions about its privacy policy. they said nay would cross reference information about users. the lawmakers want to know how it will safeguard user privacy. they say googles answers left them with more questions and concerns. 5:22. a new care. it involves personal scare and this one involves the popular new iphone. and the 49ers came up short in the nfl playoff buts team owner still have a reason to be very happy this super bowl weekend. good morning. if you are driving on southbound 101 you can see traffic looks good heading down through marin county. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. 3q
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good morning. we have pretty cold numbers out there. concord 33 degrees. it will be mostly sunny today. temperatures in the mid 60s and probably not as warm as yesterday toward santa rosa but still a nice day. 5:25. look at this the worst flooding in decades in new south wales australia. thousands abandon their homes because of the rising waters.
5:26 am
state emergency officials as well as the military are there helping the people to evacuate. they didn't make it to the big game but the 49ers still have something to ole bait this super bowl weekend. they have taken another big step forward to their drive for a new stadium. they have approved a $200 million loan. the team says this is the last piece of the complex financial puzzle to build the billion dollar stadium. >> this is obviously an unprecedented day for the san francisco 49ers and this is a very big vote of confidence from the league. >> now construction on the new stadium is set to begin later this year. it is expected to be open in time for the 2015 season. time now 5:26 a writer for the popular tech website gives moto says he found a major security problem for the iphone. he claims there is a home in
5:27 am
the iso5 software that will allow strangers to read all the incoming and outgoing text messages. it happens when your sim card is put in another phone. it's based on a lapse in protocol but the company doesn't say how to fix the problem if you are unaware your sim card was put in another phone. time now 5:26. we are following developing news coming from oakland. another shooting investigation is under way. the latest in a violent 24 hours. plus how others are stepping up to help planned parenthood after the susan g. komen foundation cut ties with the group. sunol grade looks pretty good heading south as you drive past mission boulevard. ♪
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[ male announcer ] for our town. [ dog barks ] for our country. ♪ for our future. ♪ this isn't just the car we wanted to build.
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it's the car america had to build. ♪ the extended range electric chevy volt. from the heart of detroit to the health of the country, chevy runs deep. good morning, to you welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news it's friday, february 3rd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's 5:30. steve paulson is here with the forecast. chilly today. sit going to be warm? >> it's friday. we're just happy. it's a little cold out there. we have 30s and fog. a little bit inland. also on the coast. the combination of the two it's okay. there is a few high clouds. a little bit of fog there. we will start off with 30s and 40s and end up with a lot of 60s. a little windy up in the higher elevations.
5:31 am
here is sal. if steve, good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well on the bay bridge. we do have not have any problems on the span that had an earlier accident there. also this morning we are looking at san jose that looks good so far. 280, 85, 101. entrench san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi returns to court at 9:00 this morning. this time he will ask a court judge to allow him to see his two-year-old son. tara moriarty has more on today's development. >> reporter: we are here at the civic center courthouse where mirkarimi is expected to arrive in less than four hours. he will be asking the family court for visitation rights so he can see his son. this is something the superior court judge asked him to do last week. the judge turned it down and the sheriff then called the ruling disporportionately
5:32 am
cruel. since police arrested mirkarimi he has not been allowed to contact his wife and two-year- old child. the sheriff is fighting three demeanor charges. that is from an incident on new years eve when he allegedly grabbed his wife hard enough to bruise her arm. now we spoke to former san francisco da prosecutor gym hammer yesterday. we asked him what his chances were of winning his case. he said the evidence the da's office has text, e-mails and video can get thrown out on a technical. we'll explain why that may happen coming up a little later this morning. february 22nd is the pretrial hearing for ross mirkarimi with the actually trial beginning two days later. i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. the violence in oakland happened again this morning. police just responded to another shooting.
5:33 am
this makes five shootings in over 24 hours. claudine wong is at the scene of the latest shooting. she is at 60th avenue in east oakland. >> reporter: we are right at tether street and 60th avenue. we can see them putting down evidence walkers and walking around the scene. this is still developing. police got on scene within the last several minutes. we talked to neighbors out here. a man was shot at least three times. they heard three gunshots in the car around the corner from where we are standing. at this point that is all we know. neighbors seem to think he was okay. we have not confirmed that from police. police again as you can see just out here just starting to process the scene. and look for evidence. we believe the car is right around the corner from where we are standing. if you see that police officer standing on the corner of the house. he just walked out of the picture. there is a car parked right there. we will try to talk to police and get more information. we'll check back in with you
5:34 am
here on the morning news. this is breaking news from oakland. another shooting here on 60th avenue. live here in oakland claudine wong. the alameda firefighters association says it will make a donation to a local breast cancer charity instead of the susan g. komen foundation. that is because backlash is growing because of them dropping funding for breast cancer funds to planted parenthood. nancy pelosi weighed in on the controversy. >> i feel sad this decision on their part is to the detriment of women's health. >> other big names are rallying around planned parenthood. new york mayor pledged $250,000. planned parenthood says other donations are pouring in. we are asking you our viewers on facebook what you think about the decision by the susan
5:35 am
g. komen foundation. melody writes. i disagree for the komen organization to support planned parenthood is totally contradicting themselves. now we want to know what you think. send us a message to the ktvu channel 2 morning news team on facebook. we will share some of your comments coming up. an oakland plan is being called a hero of rescuing a disabled man from a burning apartment building. 41-year-old james jackson was talking with friends when he heard a disabled man was trapped in a burning apartment. mr. james ran to the scene, jumped a fence, and ran up to the second story balcony but he was knocked over by a big blast. >> in the youth authority i did cds. i was on the fire crew.
5:36 am
i have been around hot fires. nothing like that. but i've been close to really intense heat. and it was nothing like that. >> jackson pulled the victim out. used a garden hose to douse the 65-year-old man until firefighters arrived. that man is being treated for serious burns. firefighters say without jackson's actions he may have died. in election news this morning nevada is now in the political spotlight. coming up at 5:43 the difference that makes the caucuses in nevada so important even for the candidates that don't come in the first place. in a surprise move donald trump is endorsing mitt romney for president. >> he's not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country that we all love. so governor romney, go out and get them. you can do it. >> trump announced his endorsement at his hotel in las vegas just hours before
5:37 am
advisors for newt gingrich were telling reporters that trump would endorse gingrich. 5:36. let's bring sal back. sit feeling like friday light? you started off busy this morning. >> hopefully we are. we're in a quiet period when it comes to the traffic any way. the traffic is moving along relatively well on interstate 880 in oakland. southbound 880 on the left and northbound 880 on the right. the morning commute at the toll plaza is light. as you can see traffic is light coming into the area. no major problems this morning if you are driving on the east shore freeway. as a matter of fact, it's a nice drive heading west. at 5:37 let's go to steve. >> thank you. happy friday everybody. it's cold out there. low 30s concord at 33. a lot of 30s showing up from fair fax to marin county and to gilroy and wood side and palo alto.
5:38 am
there is plenty around. a few high clouds and a little bit of fog. not only inland but also on the coast. 32 fairfield. 35 santa rosa. santa rosa rocking up to the 70s. they had a north wind. that will take the edge off. low 40s. mid 40s. oakland, san francisco. concord 35. livermore in the 30s. san jose airport is 41. there is some 30s and redwood city right at 40. i've seen a couple upper 30s over there. west 13 at sfo. west, northwest fairfield. a little east at vacaville. that there is that west, northwest. yesterday was a north wind. north wind is a warm direction for some. today is a westerly breeze. that's why there is patchy fog in the coast. other than that high pressure will say things look pretty good. i will send everything up and over. so today after a chilly start maybe some patchy fog. it will be mostly sunny a few high clouds.
5:39 am
the weekend looks good. nights and mornings will be good. increasing clouds come in on sunday. 50s and 60s today. mid 60s and low 60s. i think we cool down compared to yesterday. upper 50s low 60s until you head toward gilroy. livermore 63. mountain view at 65. mostly sunny and into the weekend expect nights and mornings will be on the cool side with fog. increasing clouds monday. yes, looks like rain on tuesday. >> thank you. 5:38. denver bracing for the one of the biggest snowstorms in that city's history. it started falling overnight. it may not stop until tomorrow. they may get two feet of snow. the city of denver will have more than 100 snowplows working around the clock through the weekend. there are no classes for students today. the denver airport is canceling hundreds of flights. we have heard one report about 400 flights have been canceled already. we did check with sfo two flights are canceled from the bay area. but again we heard overall in
5:40 am
the denver area about 400 flights have been canceled already. >> that is a lot. incredible story that has many people wondering what are the odds? >> that's not what i was there for. i was there to help the person that needed help. >> a vacaville firefighter stumbles on to property stolen from his own garage a week before. and more civil unrest in egypt almost a year after the fall of mubarak. the reason why military rulers have to step down. traffic on 237 is moving along nicely. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
5:41 am
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patchy fog out there. chill in the morning air. fog north bay. it will be mostly sunny today. highs 50s and low to mid 60s. welcome back pop good morning, to you. this is a quick look at some of the top stories. in just the last 30 minutes we have found out oakland police are investigating another shooting. this one in addition to the four that happened in the past 24 hours. with of the shootings were fatal. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi goes back to court this morning and this time he will ask a family court judge to see his two-year-old son. he has dropped his efforts to see his wife. at least for now. traffic moving again on the bay bridge after an early morning accident shut down three lanes a little while ago. it happened when a car hit a disabled suv on the incline section of the bridge into san francisco. toppling that suv on its side. two people were rushed to the
5:44 am
hospital. happening now in egypt at least two more people are dead. hundreds of others are injured as protests over a deadly soccer riot continue. we want to take you to cairo live. take a look at the number of people out in the street. they seem relatively calm but still a number of people egyptians stormed the streets last night though and it was definitely more of a violent scene as you can see. they were demonstrating against the countries police force. they claim officers stood by and did nothing to stop the deadly soccer riot that killed 74 people earlier this week. some protestors also say the riot is evidence that egypt's military rulers need to resign immediately. the united nations security council has failed to reach an agreement at stopping the violence in syria. there is word out of syria that existing sanctions at pressuring the syrian government to ease its crack
5:45 am
down on antigovernment protestors is having an effect but it's mostly felt by people in syria that can least afford it. the price on anything imported has skyrocketed. 5:44. the republican presidential candidates are stopping for votes in nevada. >> it would be helpful if nevada did the same thing and give me a real boost heading on. >> we are really running with people power verses money power. and there are fascinating differences. >> i think if everybody voted we would win. >> the states 28 delegates in nevada is not a winner take all state. the delegates would be split between the candidates. we ran into one man that drove up from vacaville to the see the candidates in person. >> 200 drive and it's worth it. >> a new poll shows likely nevada caucus voters overwhelmingly support romney with 45% compared to 25% for
5:46 am
gingrich. rick santorum and ron paul fall behind. 10% are undecided. make sure you stay here with ktvu for political coverage. ken will be reporting from nevada today and tomorrow as voters make their decision. vacaville firefighter helps police with a burglar case when they responded to a medical call. lewis jones was -- before he even entered the home he saw a piece of firefighter equipment being used to prop open a gate. it looked like the one stolen from his home last week. when he went inside he saw washer and drier that was also stole about the same time. he did not confront the homeowner. >> that wasn't what i was there for. i was there to help the person that needed help and let the police do their job. >> now jones did call police after getting the homeowner to the hospital. detectives were lead to the hospital where they arrested a relative of the homeowner that was visiting the man jones
5:47 am
helped. they also found more of jones property in the visitors car. 5:46. we are now getting a look at dramatic surveillance video of a frightening gun battle on the streets of oakland. a son from a taco truck owner and two of the men that tried to rob him. omar surprised the gunmen by pulling out his own gun and fighting back. one of the suspects is still recovering from a wound exchanged in that gunfire. police in the north bay is looking for a man that robbed a gas station. it happened wednesday at the north petaluma outlook. police say he tried to pay for gas, cigarettes and food with a stolen credit card. however, the store clerk did not accept the credit card that is when police say the man took off. if you have any information
5:48 am
call petaluma police. i here you are starting at 24 sal. >> how did you know that? >> i peeked. >> we are starting on highway 24. she is right. looking at contra costa county. 24 and 680 off to a good start. and the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are looking at it here. no major problems on to the upper deck of the bay bridge. we had an earlier crash. and this mornings drive on the east shore freeway looks good. hayward union city is also a nice drive. like wise for the san mateo and dumbarton bridges across the bay. let's go to steve. thank you. it's cold out there. it will be mostly sunny today. a little bit of high cloud deck no biggy. a little bit of fog on the coast. a little bit inland. i just heard from ron.
5:49 am
he said it's 41 and fog. i understand that. once you're in the fog and by the malls by fairfield some of the outlet malls it's 34 degrees. some of the lows though pope valley 28. outside sonoma 33. winds are 35. fairfax 36. blossom hill 37 degrees. stanford at 37 degrees. there is a bite to the morning air. fairfield at travis is 32. 34 napa airport. santa rosa officially 35. and concord and buchanan is 35. a lot of 40s. the upper 40s oakland and san francisco. you get away from some of the cities and it's cold out there. west wind at the surface for many. higher elevations is showing
5:50 am
east, northeast. everything is fine. we have a few high clouds. sunday we might get a few high clouds. monday increasing clouds there is a lot out here. nights and mornings cool. but days look pretty good here. mostly sunny. the weekend will be fine. it will be dry. the plans are good to go. 50s and 60s and temperatures today a little bit i don't think we will warm up more than we had yesterday. i think it's a little bit of a push here. 50s and 60s for everybody. th extended outlook has a dry weekend. tuesday looks like rain. a few minutes ago the u.s. labor department announced better than expected news on the job front. the unemployment rate fell for the fifth month if a row. employers added 243,000 jobs since january. that is the biggest increase in nine months. it was enough to drop the january unemployment rate to #
5:51 am
.3%. that's .3 -- 8.3%. hewlett is recalling more than one million fax machines. seven of the machines have overheated and caused fires. the recall involves the hp fax 1040 and 1050. the machines are dark gray. they have the hp logo and model numbered printed on the screen. if you have one unplug it and contact hp for a new one. oscars were handed out at the kodak theater but kodak is filing for bankruptcy. kodak is more than $6 billion in debt. that name might come off. while getting a traffic ticket in oakland failed to pack a punch. ktvu investigates why so many of the tickets were thrown out. inside facebook to see the announcement after facebook is going public.
5:52 am
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:54. drivers facing traffic fines can usually go to court to fight their tickets and the odds are you can beat that ticket if it came from oakland police. now a judge for the city's traffic court says oakland officers don't show up to court 40% of the time. when that happens, cases are
5:55 am
dismissed and the drivers don't have to pay the fine. chief howard jordan says the department came aware of the problem after an audit. >> in the past when we did our audits and found officers did not attend. we disciplined those officers. the message is out they have to show up to court. >> the two traffic courts in oakland hear about 32,000 cases a year. 5:54. a uc berkeley sorority is being sued by a former pledge. the lawsuit details several incidents of alleged violent hazing. the cal students say the alleged hazing forced her to take medical leave from school while she was dealing with physical and psychological problems. so far there has been no response from cal or that sorority. separate investigation into police misconduct or alleged police misconduct during the occupy protest are behind
5:56 am
schedule. berkeley is investigating a november 9th protest where police used baton on students. the review board chair says the winter break delayed efforts to talk to students. a report on the pepper spraying incident at uc davis that is expected to be finished on february 21st. the lead investigators say there was problems getting access to officers. san francisco mayor ed lee has removed a jobs related charter amendment. under the amendment a hearing before the small business commission would have been required if the city controller determined that the proposed legislation would cause job losses. labor leaders are among those that criticized the plan that would give the commission too much authority. 5:56. ktvu got a rare look inside the facebook head quarters in menlo park. on our tour we found many of the perks involved. free snacks to free laundry and
5:57 am
phone booths for a private phone calls. we also came across it vending machines where employees can swipe their badge if they need a keyboard, head phones or a charger. facebook filed for one of the biggest ipos in history. >> people think this job is glamorous. no silicon valley has all the perks. we get some perks but no breakfast. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at some of these things. we just got a report of thick fog in the oakley area from chick on twitter. thank you for tweeting me that. let's take a look at 280. that looks pretty good getting up to highway 17. also the morning commute on 680 southbound on sunol grade we are off to a pretty nice start. let's go back to you at the desk. 5:37. another date in court today for san francisco new sheriff.
5:58 am
what ross mirkarimi will ask a judge and why he says the future of his family a at stake. oakland police were busy. areas of fog and it's cold out there. it will be almostly sunny forecast.
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